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Carnitas Don Pancho specializes in gourmet por carnitas, sides and salsa, freshly made daily. Visit us today for a Free Carnitas Sample!

Located at:

707 S. Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025


(888) 249-5282


Established in the City of Escondido in 2014.

Originating from Michoacán Mexico, with a family legacy of traditional Mexican cooking, considered by many a special form of art passed on through generations. The essentials necessary for carefully preparing flavorful and tender Michoacán style pork Carnitas, authentic side dishes and salsas. Branding our family’s distinct recipe as the “Stilo Michoacánan Carnitas” now available at our “Carnitas Don Pancho” family restaurant.


Founded the “Carnitas Don Pancho” family restaurant in 2014 with the intent of sharing with the world his family’s traditional recipes and distinct flavors. Taking the family’s recipes to the next level, formulating a special blend of fresh fruits, herbs and spices, for a unique aroma and delectable taste, branded as the “Stilo Michoacánan Carnitas” recipe.

Carnitas Entrée Plate

Our most popular order is the “Carnitas Entrée Plate” which comes with freshly made Gourmet Pork Carnitas, Pork Beans, Rice, Cabbage Salad and Salsa, includes three tortillas, jalapeńo and lime.



Meal Options

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